Rachael Hicks
I am evaluating metal roofing products for an equine facility which includes a 13 stall horse barn and an attached indoor riding arena. Metal roofing is standard for indoor riding arena applications, but we were considering using a different material for the barn structure because we like the overall appearance of a tile roof. I have now seen many very attractive metal roofing options made to look like tile, but would this type of product be appropriate for the indoor ring roof? It will span approx. 25,000 sq ft. Most of the tile-like metal products are listed under residential applications. If we go with metal for the whole structure, ideally it should all be one look. The barn will have approx. 7,000 sq ft of roofing. Also, I have ridden in indoor arenas where the metal roof was extremely loud even with insulation. As far as insulation goes, does this vary with each roofing manufacturer or are there some industry standards you could recommend for this application? I am extremely interested in keeping the noise level down in both the barn (there will be living quarters and an office) and in the riding arena. Also, which devices for snow are the most effective at eliminating the noise and danger of snow falling off the building - horses do NOT like this situation. Thank you, Rachael [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Many of the tile profile roofs could work very well for this. Try manufacturers like Dura Loc, ATAS International, Metro Roof Products, and Gerard, among others. As far as insulation, that is really not dependent upon the type of roofing you install though you will want something with a vapor barrier on the bottom side of it. Increasing the insulation will help with sound transfer. But don't "pack" the insulation -- it needs to be pretty loose. Additionally, going to a tile profile metal roof instead of a flatter vertical seam product should help a bit with noise as well --- the panels are more rigid and have less sound board effect. One other thing that could help wth noise -- you could put decking and underlayment down and install the roofing on top of that. That will help reduce sound as well, and doing so will open you up to an even wider variety of metal products you could use. As far as snow retention, that is a function of the product you choose for the roofing. Work with your chosen roofing manufacturer to determine the best snow retention.
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