metal shake or metal tile over existing wood shake

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Iam an owner that built my on home and installed a cedar shake roof 28 years ago. I now would like to install a metal roof myself.where can i buy the material and get installation instructions? I plan to nail a wood grid over the shakes, install installation and nail the metal tile or metal shake to the grid work. I have gotten two written estimates for $21,000.for metroshake and Decra roofing systems.I think i can save $8000 to $10,000 doing this work myself,what do you think?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Not all such products are available to DIYers. Most manfacturers depend upon contractors for their livelihod and therefore honor relationships with them. Some contractors will sell materials only, perhaps with a day or two of jobsite installation training. You might inquire about that. Taking on a metal roof installation is time consuming and ti can require special tools for cutting and bending. It is not rocket science but basic roofing priciples must be adhered to. Installation time will probably be in the range of five hours per square for a novice, perhaps longer. (Actually, depending upon job complexity, it can run five hours for someone experienced.
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