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1.Is 1/4" CDX better than 1/2" CDX as a foundation to install metal roofing? 2. Is there a diffence between McElroy metal systems and McCelroy 26 gauge max rib standing seam metal? 3. Will the use of cross-strips allow the metal roof to be as wind resistant as without the cross-strips under the metal sheets?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Generally, the thicker the base substrate wood or decking, the better holding power and greater durability it will have. Your question about the McElroy panels doesn't make sense to me. Sorry. McElroy is a manufacturer of several styles of metal roofing. They are a member of the MRA. They are based in Bossier City, LA. I suggest contacting them for answers to your questions about their panels. Regarding your uplift question, it all depends upon how the product wa designed and tested to be installed. There again, this type of question is best answered by the manufacturer.
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