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I looking for information about how to deal with a contractor that has not done stated specifications as written in the contract. My problem is this: new roof leaks from day one,the contractor has been working on my house for six month-would leave to do other jobs and come back, pitch 1 1/2:12. Dry in with 15# felt, partial coverage of roof with Elastoflex, contract stated 30# and total coverage of roof of Elastoflex. Second, neighbors(architect and a roofing commerical contractor) tolds us the type of metal roof being applied was inappropiate for the slope. We questioned our contractor and he said he had an engineer approval for a classic rib galvalume 29 gauge masterRib from Union Corrigating. We have looked at their website and found "slopes less than 3/12 are not reommended" for this type of roof style. I have looked through alot of questions/answers on your website and it seems that 30# felt is standard and some underlayment is necessary anyplace metal roofing is applied. The leaking of this roof has been extensive and costing several thousand dollars of repair to the interior. The roofer as taken part of the metal roof off and replaced with a rolled roof-the leak has become smaller but is present and causing damage.They have removed panels and reapplied using the same size screw and hole. We don't know if they put down a slip sheet. They have made many attempts to fix but I think the leak is away from its visual site. They test their repairs with the garden hose but when it rains it shows its ugly head(the leak). We have put a complaint into the county buiding code department and their response has been not much help-the roof has been applied within the code guidelines and it's the contractor's responsability to make sure the roof is dry and it's a civil issue. The contractor has sent me a certified letter stating the roof is complete and they want full payment.The roof is leaking as I am typing. So, my questions are: 1. Does the contractor have to follow the specifications stated in contract if they decided "it is not necessary".I want what I agreed to pay for. 2. Is there some place to get help with this without going to an attorney. 3. Why should a contractor get money for a new roof that is leaking? 4. What is the right metal roof for a 1 1/2:12 roof. 5. If I can not get the 30#felt and Elastoflex applied what is my warranty worth when Union Corrugating states it's requirement? 6. If I can get another company to come into this mess what do I owe the present contractor in addition to hefty deposit I have already given to them? The contract is very much in favor of the contractor and not the consumer.A word to the naive out there-- read every word before signing and ask for clearification in writing. This was a long one but I hope to can lend some guidance. Thanks Sharon
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I would suggest contacting the manufacturer of the roofing and explaining the situation. See if they cannot in some fashion help the contractor troubleshoot and repair the problem. However, if the product truly has been installed on too low of a slope, it will never work. I would say that you will probably have to get an attorney involved, from the sound of things. I am never a big "fan" of doing that but if theings are as you describe, then that is likely the only choice. There are metal roofs which can be used at 1-1/2:12 pitch but they are mechanically seamed standing seam products which actually get seamed on the job with a special machine.
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