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We have a metal roof that is 142 years old. I has leaked, but it has been patched. We would like to know how to scrap down the roof and make the correct repairs. We have no Idea over the years what all has been put on the roof. It looks very thick, not smooth. Would this help the matter, be costly, and can we as home owners do it, we are 57 years of age. What is your oppion on this matter? Thank you Pam
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Honestly, after 142 years, it may be time to donate it to the Smithsonian and invest in a new metal roof for the next 142 years. You're probably looking at a HUGE amount of work to try to do some restoration. If you wish, email me some pictures and I will see what thoughts I have. All Best, Todd Miller [email protected]
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