Steve LaRocca
Hi, I'm going to look at a job in central maine. I haven't seen this job yet and It's about a three hour drive away. Although I've done plenty off roofing, I've never delt with a metal roof before. My understanding is that this roof is about 20 sq.12 pitch and rusting and it needs to be painted. As far as I know, It is galvanized and is not leaking. Can you suggest a primer, paint or prep technique to complete this job? Thanks, Steve
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I would suggest cleaning the roof as best as you can, either by power washing or by scrubbing with detergent and TSP. Clean the rust as best you can and cover it with a rust inhibiting primer. Then, go to a quality paint store and buy the primer and top coat they suggest for a job like this. There are air-dry Kynars available, too, but only through certain sources and at about $300 per gallon. They would get a fade warranty though. The other option would be to do some sort of elastomeric coating. Do a Google search under "Metal roof restoration" and you will find several options.
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