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I'm replacing a tile roof with metal, and it will be with Gibraltar 5V crimp and corrugated 26 gauge metal, with dry-in 1 ply 30# ASTM felt, tourch down mod. bit. over 43# base sheat. Some people say that MOLD can develope in this type of installation, as well as have water get under it, but it will have installed eave drip, valley metal, wall flashing, lead boots and vents. will this to your knowledge develope mold or have water get under it. thanks million
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am assuming that the roof pitch is adequate for the roof panel. Assuming everything is done correctly, this should work okay. However, one thing you do not mention is the type of ventilation in the attic space beneath this. The fact that you're installing metal does not increase the need for ventilation but ventilation is important in my opinion for all successful roof systems.
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