Peggy Vitale
We bought a 10-yr old stucco house with an unpainted alum roof. The house is very hot in summer. Our neighbor's houses (with flat roofs) stay significantly cooler than ours. We have "traditional" fiberglass insulation in the attic. Is the metal roof making our house hot? Do I need a radiant barrier-type insulation? The house is in the sunny Southwest at 5700' elevation but I rarely feel any cool mountain air in it!!!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, I would be very surprised if your roof is aluminum. Very rarely is unpainted aluminum used for roofing. My hunch is that you have a galvalume (steel) roof with an acrylic coating. It sounds like you have many good things in place for a "cool" roof but I have a couple of questions. Is the metal roof on solid decking or "strapping"? And what do you have in the attic in the way of ventilation?
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