Snow Guards for ABC Imperial Rib Roof

Tedd VanWagner
I have an ABC Imperial Rib roof on my house that sheds snow like crazy. I have emailed ABC for snow guard recommendations for this particular roof but have not received a reply, and their web site does not include a phone number. I would like to install adhesive fastened snow guards (I like the idea of not putting any more holes in my roof than necessary), but I have not been able to locate an appropriate product for the Imperial Rib profile. Do you have any suggestions? Also, do I need to install snow guards on the entire roof or can I get away with installing just over the doors and deck areas? Thanks for your help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am like you -- I would look for a snowguard that can be put down with adhesive. That adhesive must have 30 days of 50 degrees or above to cure so you have to act quick. Virtually any of the polycarbonate snowguards will have designs that can be used on an "R Panel" roof like yours. Just do a Google search for polycarbonate snowguards and you will find lots of options. I would use them in areas where snow might block doorways, damage shrubs, or damage lower level roofs.
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