Metal roof planning and options

Mike Zee
mike zee
Hi, I plan to install a standing seam on my home. I need info on do-it-yourself installation. Tools, underlayment, flashing around stove pipe, vents, and skylight, etc. Are there metal roofs that help insulate? We have very hot summers - over 100 most of July and August. Can I purchase pre-cut metal panels?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
What you need t do first is find the product you intend to install. If you email to me at [email protected], I have an article on the various types of metal roofing which I will be glad to email to you. You can use this website to look at various products, find products you might like, and contact their manufacturers for availability information. Some of the manufacturers you can link to have installation instructions on their websites. Many of the vertical seam products can be custom ordered in custom lengths. In any event, look for a system which comes with pre-formed accessories so that you do not have to do a lot of bending and custom forming on the jobsite. That would not be fun and it requires bending tools which may be hard to come by. Lighter colors help with energy efficiency. So do installation procedures which allow for vented airspace between the metal and the roof deck. So does good attic vntilation. Also, some manufacturers are using coatings with reflective pigment for even greater efficiency. Follow the manufacturer's installation instructions to a "T"
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