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The house I am planning to buy has a vertical panel metal roof. According to the inspector, the decking underlayment is OSB and no ply clips were used. She noticed a few places that were buckling from inside the attic and suggested I look into it. There are no signs of any leaks and no signs of buckling from the outside. 1. Isn't it unusual for OSB to buckle and are the ply clips a big issue if the decking was nailed down? 2. The builder said the roof is a standing seam commercial grade roof. It was installed on 16" centers on 2x8 or 2x10 rafters. A 30lb felt was secured on top of 7/16" OSB radiant Barrier. Does this sound adequate? The house is about 2 years old. What do you think? Thanks, Wendy Montgomery, Texas
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I believe you posted earlier. Thanks for the additional info. It is not unusual for decking to just be nailed down. In most areas, that is what code calls for. The buckling may very well be due to improper ventilation in the attic. Other causes could be defective decking, roof leaks, or having the OSB sheets installed too tightly against each other. The roof installation sounds adequate but I would have liked to have seen a slip sheet on top of the felt. Also, there are many other aspects of a good metal roof installation including accessories, proper flashings, the quality of the roofing, and proper fastening.
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