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my roof contractor just change my metal roof contract from [email protected] install triflex 30 underlayment to feltex. I am getting a better deal or I got scam? what are the comparison?? I am in sunny california where temperature is around 100 degree during summer for 2-3 months. currently I have woodshake.. Is it metal roof cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter?? anybody?? thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have answered the underlayment question to the best of my ability in response to your other post. If your wood shakes are on spaced sheating which I assume they are, then you have a very breathable roof system. Your metal roof can have good ventilation as well as a reflective pigment coating and those things will help but you still could end up with a warmer summertime attic than you have had in the past. Also, with your shakes, your attic has been cool in the winter. However, if you have good ventilation, it will be cool with a metal roof too. The important thing for winter efficiency is to have good insulation on top of the ceilings.
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