new insulation and metal roof replacing worn shingles

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Hi, this 1870s farmhouse was empty since 1963, needs a roof and has zero insulation. I'm thinking of removing the dead shingles, installing polyurethane foam over the t&G deck, 1x4s to hold the foam and allow air under roof, and metal roof over it. I also found pre-assembled panels like "SSP 500" by IPS or HR 9000 by Alumashield, with R values around 40 and no thermal bridging from screws. I could not find any pricing on their websites. Are these products cost-effective and what is the approximate cost per square or sf? any advice pro or con this project? Thanks !
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your current plan does not sound bad. Providing a vented area of at least 1", with soffit and ridge vents, beneath the new roofing or roof decking, would be very helpful. You need to make sure that the roofing panel you choose is appropriate for this application and that you are using ir correctly. There is a huge variety of available metal roofing products. I do not know much about the insulated panels. I know that they are not normally used residentially and that they are rather pricey. However, they might provide a good option for you. Still, though, I would try for attic ventilation or some sort of ventilation beneath them as well. You'd have to contact their manufacturers for details.
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