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I am helping my friend put a metal 5v roof on his garage and attached shop. Removing the old shingles on hot days is really a bear. I recommend a roofing shovel with teeth, a lot, at 40ish dollars it was well worth it. I have read many postings here, and have gotten a general idea of what to do, however... The roof is 28 feet deep and 45 feet wide. It has a 1/2 inch plywood base with joists at 2 foot on center. The garage was covered with two layers of asphalt single, the shop has rolled asphalt and two skylights, which were not removed. All of the roof was covered with #30 felt. All the roof has 3x3 inch rain drip edge. Note: the local distributor/manufacturer extrudes the materials from coil rolls, and "only makes the stuff, not installs it." To begin the metal phase I have a few questions, per procedures or meathods. 1. Measure both sides of the roof from the ridge chalk line to the lower edges to establish a squared area. But... 1b. How far over the rain drip edges should the 5v material edges extend? 2. Should each lap of sheeting be sealed at the joints? Probably sealing is a option, but is it worth the expense and trouble? 3. We were sold screws with rubber/neoprene washers but the screws seem fairly thin. Should I go to the trouble of siliconing each screw ie: dipping the first few threads into silicone, most of the sealer would puddle at the top of the screw hole and mate or embed the washers. 4. Do not cut near the "line" with rotary or teeth cutters. Shear cut. In our case air craft shears or Air Nibblers. 5. Try to put screws into the joists as well as plywood. Keep the screw patterns evenly and neatly spaced. 6. Any and all advice about the skylights would be greatly appreciated. I really need some help on this issure. Both skylites are raised curb type. 7. We are using 29 gauge material over the 1/2 plywood, do you think we'll have a walking the metal problem. Thanx Mucho Craig Parr PS You have an intresting site.
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If I were in your friend's shoes, I would be very skeptical of buying product from someone who does not have written installation instructions. That tells me that they do not care about anything other than selling pounds of formed metal and that is just wrong, in my opinion. There is a company called Metal Sales Manufacturing which manufactures 5V as well as other products. They have installation instructions downloadable from their website. I very much suggest doing that. Their instructions will answer your questions. As far as sealing the side laps ... 5V doesn't lend itself real well to that, not as well as some other profiles at least. The roof pitch plays a factor in this. Do you know the minimum pitch that these panels should be used on? It sounds like one of your roof sections is pretty low pitch. In my opinion, anything that is a 4:12 or less should have sealed sidelaps and no endlaps at all. As far as screws, you're dependent on the quality of he screws and neoprene, which sound slike it might be minimal. Running some sealant on them can't hurt but may not help much. 29 gauge is thin for 5V but not unheard of. I have never tried walking on it but I suppose ti would be okay, especially with solid deck beneath it. Are you putting down new underlayment? You should. as far as skylights , you will need to have special flashings bent up for all sides ... do you have access to matching metal and folding equipment? All Best.
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