Leak at a valley on a hemmed panel

Guest User
I have installed a hemmed panel, meaning the bottom edge is bent 180 degrees and slid over a cleat instead of being screwed down in mastic. I am experiencing leaks in the valleys. I have found holes at the panel ribs but am not sure of a product to use to seal this hole that is the size of a ball on a ball point pen. Any suggestions? I am also concerned that expansion is causing gaps between the panel and the cleat that the panel is hemmed on. Do you know is there a type of tape like sealant other than mastic that could be used to seal the bottom of the panel to the W flashing in the valley?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are butyl sealants which adhere to most paint systems well and are durable. Also, there are butyl tape sealants available. Sika Flex makes a lot of them I believe. Are you certain the leak is in the valley and not from somehere else. Feel free to email additional photos to me at [email protected]
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