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Hello there, I live in Jacksonville FL and I'm a do it yourselfer and have done many different projects including roofing. I've never done the metal seemless but would like to. Here's two questions. 1) Do you know of a good how to video, website, etc..? 2) Do you know of a supplier in north Florida that I could purchase the supplies from? Regards, Zeke
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If someone is selling to DIY'ers, then they should have very detailed installation instructions specific to their system. I do not know of any "generic" instructions out there which would be appropriate. Every system has its own details and procedures and you must study up for the system you're installing. You can contact the manufacturers who are members of this alliance and see if they offer DIY sales in your area. I am sorry but I really don't know. You can also use the Find a Contractor portion of this website and look for materials suppliers in the resulting listing.
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