About to paint a 30+ year old metal roof and remove chimney

I have a few questions before attempting this as I am a "newbie" to roofing and construction. The roof itself is a 12/12 pitch and is in fair shape. There is mild rust in some areas, but it does not appear to be very significant just a fair amount. I have been reading throughout the site, but there hasn't really been many "confirmed" answers as to whether or not sanding the rust is indeed necessary. The same goes for rust removers such as http://www.hytechsales.com/prod1390.html . Is washing the roof with a detergent/TSP solution sufficient enough before applying primer? or do I need to sand the rust before hand. Is it better to use something a little more harsh like the metal roof wash (or is that overkill compared to a good sanding and detergent/TSP wash)? I do know that preparation is key for any successful painting job, but I just haven't had luck finding this answer on the forums. And now on to the even more "newbie" of a question - I am also going to be removing a chimney (its no longer functional) and it is inside the structure through the middle of the roof. So my question is how to "patch" the spot where the chimney previously was with more roofing? I'm concerned (due to the age of the roof) that I won't be able to find metal sheets to match the existing standing seam roof. (although I admit I do not know if that is a concern - is there a "standard" method of manufacture for all standing seem roofing?) With that in mind, is it easier to "patch" the spot in the roof with a new metal sheet, or replace the entire metal sheet on the roof? Does anyone know of any good step-by-step DIY books for this repair? I also plan on enclosing my eves with vinyl soffit, does anyone know of any good step-by-step DIY books for that? Thanks a bunch for the help! Richard
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
For the repair, locate a sheet metal shop prior to starting to remove the chimney. They will be able to fabricate the pieces needed to fill the hole. In a Standing Seam, it is difficult to replace a sheet in the middle of the roof. Have the shop lined up and when the chimney is out they should readily be able to fab the pieces and maybe even the install. As to painting prep, there is little information as there are too many unknowns such as the type of existing paint and the type you are wanting to put on. You need to consult with the paint supplier to get their recommendations. There is a company at www.calbarroofpaints.com that have made roof recoatings for many years.
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