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We have an existing metal roof, its a typical silver colored metal roof where each sheet looks similar to this (the ^ is a small ridge in the metal and the /\ is the big ridge) : _/\__^__^__/\_ Anyway, we are building a covered deck and will be using the same type roof and need to connect it to our existing roof of the house. I can't go under the end of the current roof because of the height, so I need to connect about 2 feet up the roof line. Is there some type of transition that I can purchase for this to connect it? Thanks Terry
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You do need a pitch transition flashing. Additionally, the existing roof panels in this area should be removed, the new panels on the lower roof installed, the pitch transition put into place, and the upper panels re-installed. Oh yeah, new underlayment should be put down over the entire area at the same time. Contact your roofing manufacturer to see if they offer custom-made flashings like this. It will have to be bent to meet your roof pitches. If they don't, you will need to enlist the help of a local sheet metal shop. You may also wnat to consider hiring an experienced metal roofing contractor to do the work. All Best.
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