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I am having a home constructed, and having a metal roof installed. I have a concern, as the roof ( metal ) seems to be wavey. Having been told I still have many concerns on this, are metal roofs suppose to look wavy? I have seen many that lay flat, and my new metal roof is not laying flat.. Thanks in advance
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Waviness can occur in metal roofs and there are several contributing factors. When metal is produced at a rolling mill, there are factors which put some waviness into it. Metal is produced at high speed and waviness is just a fact. Sometimes, this will show up in a rollformed panel. There are also things which can happen during the metal processing and slitting stages that cause this. Additionally, problems in the rollforming process can cause it. An uneven roof surface can cause it. Improper clips can cause it. Improper fastening or other installation matters can cause it. Trying to figure out the cause of waviness can be very difficult ... sometimes there are several contributing factors. Generally, the industry recognizes that waviness is not cause for rejection. You may wish to get the manufacturer of the roofing involved by taking a look at the project and seeing if they have any ideas.
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