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We are building a new home and would like to install a standing seam metal roof, but are concerned about our proximity to the salt water. The house is about 350 feet from the water, up a hill of spruce trees. We have been told by one local contractor that the manufacturers will not warranty a metal roof within 1/2 mile of any salt water, and we'd have to go with copper if we want metal. A copper roof isn't in our budget, so are we looking at asphalt shingles?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You will find some differences in warranties on steel roofs, especially in regards to the quality of the base steel and any protective coatings on it. I would not say it would be impossible to find a warranted steel product. Another option is aluminum. There are many good aluminum roofs which would be warranted for this application and which would cost about the same as steel, maybe a bit more.
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