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I am purchasing a home in New Hampshire. It has an existing standard three tab asphalt roof. Its a simple pitched roof on a colonial, two roof planes are involved -main house and attached garage. It is located in a wooded area- although receives sun. I would like to have a standing seam metal roof applied over the existing roof. when using furring strips, what is best to screen out any potential pests from entering the air space? bees,mice,etc In a colder climate - what material and color is most durable. I was leaning toward a green. Lastly I realize you must stay objective this is my castle- but not a castle- so $ are important too? can you give me sq foot rough idea of the different grades? thank you
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As an association we are limited in discussions regarding costs. I can say that it is best to spend time researching and educating yourself. If you have a vaulted roof then you must provide a minimum of 1" vented air space and it is always better to ventilate the space regardless. Once you choose a product, check with the manufacturers requirements. There are many profiled vented closure strips available to fit most profiles for this purpose on a generic basis. A dark colour is poor at reflecting the suns rays. There are however new reflective pigments that will meet energy star ratings. Typically they are only a slight premium. You will need to check around. There can be up to 40% differance in price on the same profile from a utility grade paint to the top Kynars and granular coated materials. Appreciate that the substrate is just as important.
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