New metal roof starting to corrode

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Hi, We have recently doubled the size of our house and added a observation deck on the roof. Our builder has used a product called vulkem to waterproof and seal this area. From this area it has flashing the meets our existing metal roof and our brand new section of metal roofing. within the last few weeks the entire roof is coated with a chalky type white film and is starting to show a slight rusting. The lower sections of the house over the porch area are doing the same, but only where the roof drips on them. It all was very shiny and now looks like it is being corroded. Do you know if this may be related to the sealing system or some other factor. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It sounds like you have a "mill finish" product with a clear acrylic coating. What you're seeing could be natural aging of the acrylic or it could be the result of some reaction or it could be faulty. Contact the roofing manufacturer, send them pictures, and see what they say. This could also be white rust resulting from improper panel storage prior to installation. Again, contact the manufacturer and see what they say.
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