difference between a standing and snap seam metal

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I am considering a metal roof to replace a compostion roof. One contractor gave me an estimate of $8,000 for a snap seam roof. These panels are screwed into the roof and the next panel is snapped onto the first and covers the screws. The second contractor gave me a much higher estimate for a standing seam roof. These panels are attached to the roof with a bracket and the next panel covers the bracket and then the seam is pressed tight to attach the panels. What is the main difference? The second contractor said the panels will expand and contract and need to move and the mounting brackets allow movement. Why the major cost difference?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The major item considered in the design and selection of a vertical seam metal roof is expansion and contraction. Metalic coated steel of the type and thickness used for metal roofing will expand 3/4" over a 100 ft lengthwith 100 degrees of temperature change. If you had extremely long sheets and were in a hot climate, then you may want to have a system with floating clips that allow the metal to move back and forth. A normal house installation with 16'-20'rafters does not require this as the movement at each end is minimal. If the building code in your area requires high wind uplift numbers, you may want to check out the properties of each system. Most important of all is to chose metal roof with a good quality finish and always ask for referances on installations similar to yours and please go and talk to the owners. Good luck.
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