finding replacement panels of corrugated galvalum, unique profile

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I want to patch holes in an existing corrugated galvalume roof where chimneys used to come through. Also want to add an overhang in places. To do this, I need to locate the specific roofing panels that I already have. The dimensions of the profile are as follows: 40" width 1 1/2" height at highest ribs 1' between each of the highest ribs two smaller ribs between each high rib two even smaller ribs between those two I've been searching and searching, and nobody seems to recognize this stuff, who makes it, where to buy more. Any ideas?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have a couple of ideas on people who can maybe help you identify this: Bill Croucher ([email protected]) Dale Nelson ([email protected]) Send them an email with the photo attached and see if they can't give you some good ideas.
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