Help!, Just purchased galvalume 5 v crimp that already has rust.

Guest User
I am a homeowner in Florida and just purchased and delievered (1 week ago) 5 v crimp galvalume panels (galvanized finish) for my roof. Half of it is already on the roof. I then noticed that each panel has either small spots of rust (about 1/8" in diameter) or rust on the ends of the panel. Is this normal for galvalume panels? Any ideas?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Steve, I just replied to your direct email about this. You have not read it yet of course. I am really curious though as to how these panels are being cut or how they might have been cut before you received them. These panels must be cut with a shearing action -- never with a saw. Saw cutting leaves a jagged edge which will rust. Saw cutting also creates little shards of hot metal which can melt into the paint on the surface of the panels and then run. I am wondering if that isn't maybe what is going on here.
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