I am tearing my old roof off and putting a new one on. Its asphault shingles. My question is this, there is no tar paper under the existing shingles. There is 3/4 plywood that is in excellent shape. Just no tar paper. Is there a reason why there is no tar paper? Just wondering if there is a reason for this. My house is not exactly an aframe. Its a more convential one. The sides of the house are almost straight down and all roof. Im in an area that gets lots of snow. I just dont wnat to put tarpaper on if there is a negative effect...
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I do not think there was a "good" reason for this. Generally, over the years, some contractors have cut corners by eliminating underlayments. Generally, that is not the bets thing to do. Have you fully considered all of the options available to you in metal roofing? Shake profiles, shingle profiles, etc? Metal also will usually install over the old shingles.
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