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I have some panels that have a protective film on them which is removed during installation. Some of the panels have been exposed to sunlight for too long making removal quite difficult. Any ideas?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Unfortunately, I do not have any "tricks" to offer you in this regards. The film really should be removed before sunlight has an opportunity to work on it. Have you contacted the roofing manufacturer directly and solicited their input?
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The panels were surplus from a large job that I had stored for several years, otherwise I would have called the manufacture for their suggestions, if any. I'm going to try using a hot water high pressure wash. If that doesn't work I'm going to install them and let mother nature take over!
Guest User
I wonder if the film is easier to remove when the roof if hot from the sun. Sometimes the heat will soften the adhesive and allow the film to be removed. Also trying a hair dryer might be an option on the low setting - don't wnat to affect the paint.... Be careful on pressure washing, too much pressure may affect the paint as well.. and if you plan to stand on the roof while doing this, make sure that you have adequate fall protection... wet roofs (of any kind) are more slippery than dry roofs.
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