A Walkable Metal Flat Roof?

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Presently I have a small (4' x 10') flat roof over a portion of our kitchen that's simply tar-papered. Over the years it's leaked, and it's had patches applied. There is a door from the upstairs bathroom onto the roof (and the roof has a railing around it). My wife wants to make this a usable balcony space and put a small table and a couple chairs up there, but the current surface is both unsightly and unsuitable for bearing traffic. Is there a reliably leak-proof metal product to replace the tarred roofing that's durable enough to stand up to this kind of traffic?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The best thing you could probably do for this would be to hire a local sheet metal company to either custom-design a metal "cover" for this area out of one sheet of metal or to use sheets of copper and solder them together as necessary. Interlocking or overlapping metal roofing panels are not appropriate for an application of this nature.
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