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How do you decide what type of metal roof to use? We are bulding a new home in Nelson County, Virginia and our architect, builder, and roofer have pros and cons to the Galvalume product. I understand lead coated copper is a viable option but is extremely expensive. Do many people use the old tin and paint it still? What is the best option for a low maintance roof that you want to last?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are many very high quality metal roofs available today. Because the Metal Roofing Alliance is a coalition of metal roofing manufacturers, we cannot draw direct comparisons of product types, lest we run risk of breaking our adopted antitrust guidelines. My advice, however, is to choose some products that you like from an aesthetics standpoint and then work with the manufacturers of those products to learn as much as you can about the products and their performance history. Try to get local examples of installations that you can go see and talk with the owners, etc.
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