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Thomas Barrineau
I have read through many of the topics in this forum but would like to ask your professional advice on the best roofing system for my home as it applies to my particular home design and geographic region. My home is in Charleston South Carolina...(Hurrican Hugo Country), it survived the 154 mph winds of that storm. It has been 16 years and everyone needs new shingles now. I want a metal roofing system and I am willing to spend more money to get the best product for our area. It rarely freezes, never snows,has high heat and heat indexes, and of course is subject to hurricanes. My home is a traditional ranch, brick home with gable ends, built in 1962. I noticed most people give you pitch but I don't have that information. I can tell you that it is not a steap pitch. It currently has asphalt shingles and the wood under the shingles is tongue and groove boarding looks like 1" by 6" boards. Ventilation in eves and tempurature controled exhaust fan on roof. What specifications would you want in a roofing system if this was your home and you had no future plans to move. I think I would want something that was 26 or 30 guage steel, 90 psf but other than that not sure what guidelines I should set when looking at different products. I do realize from other postings that you guys firmly recommend an experienced installer. Would you remove the existing shingles or do they provide some benefit if left? What is the advantages or disadvantages to the coated products available and the painted products. I mainly looking for the best I can buy so I can somewhat relax, as far as the roof goes for years to come and acquire and insurance dicounts to recover some of the additional costs incurred up front over time. Thank you in advance for you advice and time.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The Metal Roofing Alliance is a coalition of competing metal roofing manufacturers. Those of us answering questions on here are members doing so on a volunteer basis. We cannot recommend one product over another per se. However, we can sometimes make recommendations based upon a project's particular needs. From what I can tell, you have no "extreme" needs with your roof. Virtually all of the residential metal roofs available from our member manufacturers would work on your home and do a good job. You are right in looking for a product which has passed the 90 psf wind tests. You may wish to compare warranty of products, including the warranties on the coatings. There are many fine coatings available, both painted and stone coated. You may have some confusion regarding gauge. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the metal. 29 and 30 gaues are actually some of the thinner metals used. Of course, a lot more goes into engineering a quality product than just metal thickness. If you email direct to me at [email protected], I have a guide to metal roofing which I can send to you. I think you will find it to be helpful
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