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I am building a log cabin in Northern Wisconsin, and want to use a metal roof. Can you refer me to a cross section of the roof including the metal? The structure is large beams with tongue and gruve 2 x 6's across the beams, visible from underneath. 10 x 12 pitch. no gutters. I am particularly concerned about air ventilation, and insulation. Is such a cross section shown on the internet? Bob
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Several of our member manufacturers, if you link to their websites, have detail drawings available. In my opinion, an ideal roof system will consist of the following, from the inside of the house to the outside: Drywall, vapor barrier, insulation, vented airspace, roof decking, underlayment, metal roof Of course, what you're proposing is different. It is important to keep in mind that metal roofing does not inherently increase the need for ventilation. It would be possible, of course, to work ventilation into your construction, on top of the T & G. However, we're dealing with structural and weight issues. If your log home is a "kit" from a manufacturer, then I think you need to discuss these things with them. If not, then I would assume there is an engineer or architect involved who could be consulted?
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