Brand new construction w/metal roof leaking

Rick Robinson
We built a 44 long x 28 wide place, set 38'trusses with a 7/12 outside pitch, longer on the front over a deck area, 2' on center. The contractor ran 2 x 1 fur strips every 2' eve to peak, then set the metal. The roof is leaking, more in the longer front area than in the back. Should there have been an underlayment? We did not put gable vents on each end of the structure, could this be part of the problem? HELP! Can't put our ceilings up until we correct this mess. Also have ridge vent entire length of house, and soffett vents. This place is in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. Thanks for your help
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Are you certain the roof is leaking or could this be condensation? If it is condensation, it is worsened by no ceilings and vapor barrier. Was the roofing product you installed appropriate for installation without decking and underlayment? Have you contacted the manufacturer to verify this? Does the roof have adequate pitch for the product installed? Was the product installed correctly? Was sealant used on the seams if it is required?
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