Flashing A shed dormer on an 11/12pitch

geoff G
how do I flash the side wall on a shed dormer, Is there a solid panel that runs the length of the dormer? This is the first metal roof that I have had to flash a dormer on al thought I have installed many straight metal roofs, I am not familiar with this procedure. Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I can't say it enough to consult with the manufaturer of the roofing and ask to see their product approval report which will indicate how to do it to the code. There are many differant types of metal roof systems and each have their own detail. If I assume you are installing a vertical rib through fastened panel then I would start the roof by trying to centre the sheets on the dormer running past one provile on each side. Then you are working with a full sheet up each side that you can bend up the side wall and lap over the lower shed sheets. If the shed ridge and the main roof rige are not at the peak, then you will run the shhets above the shed over the sheets up the side. Hope this helps.
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