Fading of galvanized and galvalume

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We currently have a galvanized metal roof that we need to replace (wind damage). 1) My understanding is a galvalume metal roof is superior to galvanized, is that correct? 2) We were told that galvalume will, and will not, fade / dull like a galvanized roof; do you know if gavalume fades around the same rate as galvanized? -- ralph
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Galvalume is a 50-50 coating of zinc znd aluminum so you get the best qualities of each and it is in fact an alloy. Time has shown that it will last in excess of 30 years without rust. It generally lasts 2-6 times longer and has better salt air resistance. Today Galvalume generally comes with a dissipating clear acrylic coating that acts as a rust inhibitor and lubricant during the manufacturing and stops oil staining from handling. A galvalume roof will weather down to a soft patina more to the aluminum side than the galvalized and makes a wonderful roof.
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