Aluminum Roofing minimum slope requirements in central florida.

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Hi, my question is about Metal roofing minimum pitch requirements on a residential application. The House is a concrete block home with now a Tar and gravel roof with 1x roof decking. I want to roof over with an aluminum roof-over kit. the slope is approx 2:12 would this application seem ok. Thank you for any help on the subject.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Kent, I am not entirely sure what you mean by "aluminum roof-over kit". It sounds like you are already looking at a particular product or system, which is fine. However, the answer to your question depends entirely upon how the system has been engineered and tested. The manufacturer of the system should be specifying a minimum required pitch. You will need to find out what that is. It sort of sounds like you're looking at a system which would maybe be used on a mobile home re-roof. My "gut" feeling is that most of those would work on a 2:12 but, again, it is all about how the particular system has been engineered and tested. I hope this helps a bit.
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