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Dear Sirs; I have a cottage roof with a square skylight centred at the apex. I'm using normal ribbed panels a simple cap running up the hip. The skylight sits on a 2x6 curb. Each corner of the curb meets a hip. The edges of curb can be flashed with typical wall-flashing and an L cap placed on top. But I'm having trouble concieving how to flash the corner where it meets the hip cap. Originally, I'd thought the wall flashing would cover the hip cap and wrap around the corner with one flashing overlapping the other, the lower leg of the upper one cut at 45 degrees (viewed from above) to match the ridge line of the hip. But, that leaves a little hole at the corner and an exposed edge at that 45 degree line. The supplier suggests lapping the hip cap on top of the wall flashing but was not able to provide guidance on how to make that connection watertight at the corner. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your method sounds best if I am undestanding this correctly. I would prefer to see the top flashing extend over the hip flashing. I would bend your four top flashings so that two of them (on opposite sides) have "ears" which can be folded over the corner on both sides. The other two could have closed hems on the ends but they would lap over the first two. You would then seal the corners with a quality sealant. The vertical portions of these top flashings can actually wrap the corners, which is helpful. As to the portions which extend down and out over the roof panels and hip flashings, if water does get through the resulting joint, that water will still be on top of the roof panels or hip flashing so it should not get inside of the structure.
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