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What is the maximum panel length you should run on a residential application before breaking it down into multiple sheets? I have a 24' run to do and am wondering what to do. It is McElroy maxrib ultra. Also,once again, zero support from an email sent to the company. If I didn't have it on half my roof already-I would have used someone elses product.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I am sorry to hear that. If you can handle the sheets, expansion is the main factor and it is differant for steel and aluminum and it is differant with Galvalume steel and Galvanized steel. Unfortunatly I am not familiar with their Ultrarib. Generally speaking you can expect about 3/16" of sheet movement over 80 F in temperature change in 24 ft length. If it is through fastened with screws, I would fasten in the ribs which would allow it to move from each end. Assuming it is being installed in normal weather, then it should be just fine. If it is a SS product, make sure the fasteners are in the slots and not too tight so it can move.
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