flashing for abutment to vertical wall?

What flashing is recommended for making the connection to an adjoining vertical wall, ie, lower garage roof to two story house wall? I don't want to use just an ell flashing which would require some type of caulking or putty tape that could fail, The application here is a 2:5 pitch roof with parapet walls on both sides of the slope and I want to make sure these junctions are sealed properly, thanks for your time & assistance, MB Enterprises
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Well we first suggest going to the manufacturer of the product and get their recommendations. Also ask for their product approval report which will have the detail in it. Assuming you mean a side wall flashing and using vertical ribbed steel, then tyou should bend the panel up the wall with a break or a seamer and then counter flash over with either a step flashing cut into the brick joints or a Z flashing with a gum edge which is quite acceptable providing you fasten the flashing correctly to the brick and use a 20 yr caulking. We recommend a two part Butyl based caulking. Remember that their will be movement where differant materials meet.
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