Metal roofing on shingled open-beam roof.

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We have a cedar log home, open-beam, ceiling/roof is 2" cedar planks with vapor barrier, 2" solid insulation, asphalt shingles, 3/12 slope; house is L-shaped so 2 roof valleys; built in 1977. Temperatures range from -40F to 100F, lots of snow in winter, 15" rain and somewhat humid in summer. 1. Would a metal roof using ribbed sheets be appropriate? (The ability to shed snow easily on low-slope roof is an attractive feature). 2. To improve insulation and ventilation, one method being considered is to lay new 2x4 'rafters' (suitably fastened to the ceiling planks) on top of existing shingles, new plywood or OSB sheathing to hold it all together and metal roofing on top. House is not large, 30' x 40', so loading on roof should not be a problem. 3. Should an additional vapor barrier be installed under the roofing?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There should be a moisture barrier beneath the metal roofing. This would be an underlayment. There are many types of metal roofing which could work well on your home. I like the idea you listed as #2 in your question. It will ultimately help with energy efficiency and to ensure that the home does not someday have issues caused by lack of ventilation.
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