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Thinking about a new metal roof. After viewing many photos and manufactures photos, I don't see any view showing a skylight. My roof is 4/12 and a wing with a 6/12 pitch. This is another problem in itself, and may discuse it later.. Are skylights a possibility with standing seam roofs? There are 3 in the house at this time. I would like to replace them the same time as the new roof, with more efficient ones. If they don't work with metal roofs, I may consider the tradional shingles, yuck. Now the question of previous owners choice of roofing contractors. The addition of a wing was done in 1980ish. I don't believe the contractor measure the pitch of the exisiting roof and assumed it was a 6/12. It was a 4/12. The valley looks good, although they used a single 6" wide piece of aluminum. The water does have a tendencey to run up the shallower pithch. The problem is the eave overhangs. The original house eaves are about 24" overhang. The additions overhang is 8" and they don't allign in the same elevation, with the 6/12 being the higher of the two. At this point the water does enter the building. The water creeps up the shallow roof and enters at the 8" overhang. Do I need an engineer or can a competent roof installer correct this short comming? Thanks
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Howdy. Thanks for the questions. You hit the nail on the head in terms of needing a good installer -- someone that knows the system well. Yes, generally, skylights can be installed with metal roofs including standing seam. It must be a raised or curved skylight though -- one that sits 6" or so above the roof level rather thanbe flush mounted. The manufacturer of your roofing should then have details on the flashing method for their product. As far as the eave problem ... if you just want water to be kept out, that can probably best be done with metal flashing and someone experienced with metal. If you want the eaves to line up again, well, as you can imagine, that will take a lot of carpentry work. When looking for a metal roofing contractor, talk to their past customers, go look at past jobs, make sure that you will have an experienced installer on your roof, etc.
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