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Would the metal roofing products install over a sprayed on foam roof? And if so what would the process be? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
As a general rule, I would say "no" to such an installation. However, there are probably times that it is feasible. I do not mean to sound like I am copping out but I would urge you to use this website to find some metal roofing products you like and then contact their manufacturers to discuss the feasibility of your application.
Guest User
I have the same question and was wondering if you have found any solutions? I did see on this website a company that use a z strap under their product that attaches to the roof decking and then to the panels. I think this was for installing over an existing metal roof but it looks like it would work if the z straps were installed at the right intervals. any help would be great!!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
There are considerations such as wind uplift, fire etc that come into play. Check with the building official and see if this type pf assembly is permitted. Certainly it will be more fire proof with a metal roof. Some products are tested and approved to be applied over existing roofing materials however getting level and proper attatchment to the structure is important. Check to see if it is permitted and then check our site for products and contact the manufacturers to see if they are permitted. I know ours are at
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