Rounding a corner with a metal roof

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I am building an addition to my home which will have a rounded corner on one side. I have talked to FABRAL and am told that they cannot make pie shaped pieces on an 8 foot radius because they will not be able to seal the edges against the weather. Is there some other manufacturer of metal roofs that can help with this problem or a copper roof section that can substitute or some other solution? Thank you for your help.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Like most manufacturers of standing seam products they are roll formed at a continuous width. The pieces can generally be made by hand by a sheet metal shop to match or you need to install a batten seam system which is similar an much easier to manufacture. The rafter lengths can effect the size and type of equipment needed as well. I would try ATAS International first to see if they can help out, then try scouting a local sheet metal shop.
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