Copper Panels - gauge vs. ounces

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Please tell me if there is a difference in 32 ounce copper panels for roofing and 32 gauge copper panels for roofing. I purchased 10 3'x10' panels from an independant roofer, of what I thought was 32 ounce copper panels. When I took the copper panels to the metal shop to have it formed the man told me that what I had was 16 ounce. He said that they didn't make the 32 ounce panels anymore. I called the independant roofer back and he said that it wasn't a 32 ounce cooper panel that it was a 32 gauge copper panel. When I asked him what the difference was he couldn't tell me. He told me that he charged me the same price that he paid for it. I didn't do my homework before I purchased the copper roof panels, and it costed me considerably. But I would like to know if there was a difference in the weight vs. gauge and if there is a website that I can go to to learn more about the differences, because I intend to do more improvements to my 1890 home but not before I do my homework first. Thank you for any information that you can share with me.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is a confusing issue with many industry tolerances. Copper was originally referred to by "ounce" and now it is more commonly ordered by decimal thickness. I am not aware of it ever being referred to by gauge. I would suggest that you contact the Copper Development Association for answers. I believe that their website is I will say this -- most copper roofing is produced from 16 ounce copper.
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