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I live in Florida, in Hurricane alley, and need to know what the wind shear factor, of a metal roof is. Wind shear is something that an inspector threw at me when i asked him, about a metal roof.Any idea.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In my experience, "wind shear" is not a typical term when referencing the wind resistance of roofing materials. "Wind shear" normally refers to higher altitude vertical winds. However, it also sometimes referes to rapid acceleration of ground-level horizontal winds -- "gusts" would be a similar term. So, I suspect that the inspector is really just inquiring as to the wind resistance of various metal roofs. Because of their interlocking nature, long term stability, and inherent strength, most metal roofs are recognized as being very wind resistant. In your case, I would choose a product which carries Metro Dade County Product Control Acceptance so that you'll know your product has been subjected to the most rigorous wind testing. And then, of course, choose an experienced contractor who "follows the book" when installing particular metal roofs.
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It sounds like "wind shear" might be referring also to tornados. Which brings me to a question, Todd. If one has good metal or steel roofing in place, will an F5 tornado be able to pull it off, with its incredible upward suction capability?,or can it be integrated with the walls and foundation to create a secure home? Monolithic domes are the only ones I know of that are fully integrated with rebar and concrete. My wife dislikes a round dome home, so I've got to come up with something that will bring her peace of mind as well as being somewhat cost effective. Can you help?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Select a product that has been tested for wind uplift to UL580 and UL1897 which provides the ultimate wind uplift of a prodct. The FL Building code has wind uplift tables for specific applications. Apply a prduct the proper way and it will stay. Of course the home structure must be constructed to the wind codes as well.
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