Patrick Ward
We have a sheet of insulation directly under the metal roofing that has greatly reduced the noise. We live in the South and do not have any sheeting between the metal and the sheet of insulation. There is an air space of several inches before the other insulation begins. However our house substained some wind and water damage and our current contractor has not replaced the the sheet of insulation directly under the metal and the noise is very loud. Are we wrong to insist that the new sheets of metal roofing (same type as we had put on several years ago) be removed and the insulating that seemed to muffle the noise be put back?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It may come back to what you had contracted to have done but I do not think you're being unreasonable. My opinion and $3.75 will get you a hazelnut latte though! This does sound like a matter of contract law.
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