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We are building a new home and barn in a couple months. We want to put metal roofing, but see here there are approx 12 or so that manufacture the colored ones. Which ones are the TOP 3 in your opinions for TOP QUALITY and SERVICE. Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I like to think that my firm ranks up there. Service may be related to the product that you choose, so focus first on choosing a product that meets your needs such as style, longevity, weather resistance, etc. Check out the substrate specifications. It should be Aluminum, G90 Galvanized or AZ 50 Galvalume for painted or granular coated products. There are any number of paint systems but our association supports the Metal Construction Associations minimum performance guidelines which should be a good quality SMP or better a PVDF.Check out the paint warranty as well.
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Allen, thanks for your input. I am sure your company is excellent, but we are looking for verticle metal panels. Any new suggestions of who rates right up their?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would look more for the quality of steel and the quality of the coating than for a particular manufacturer. You can, of course, find the MRA member manufacturers of vertical panels through this website. However, many manufacturers produce various grades of panels. I would look for a product which meets the MCA Certified Roofing Panel criteria at the Premium level. This would generally be product with a base metal of either G90 galvanized or AZ 50 galvalume plus a Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 coating on top of that.
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