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I live in an area of several large TV analog and now high definition transmission towers with antennas, including a Doppler radar weather tower. These towers are all within close walking distance of my home, some less than 500 ft. Having spoken to a communications engineer, I was informed that a metal roof would stop the penetration of RF and microwave radiation, which is high in my area. I live in a beautiful wooded, park-like setting and I love my home, but I have always been concerned about the high RF radiation here. Neighbors are always complaining of the poor reception on their TV sets. Would a metal roof solve my problem, or at least alleviate my fears? Would it block the RF radiation? I have a standard boxy colonial style home, simple gable roof, with attached garage, and I believe the roof is a 4/12 pitch. It is not a steep roof and you can walk on it. Thanks for any information!
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RF stands for radio frequency radiation. The engineer was most concerned about the radiation emitted from the Doppler weather tower, as this source of radiation rests in a globe mounted on a tower, rotatiang every 1 1/2 minutes or so, and the globe just clears the treetops. The TV antennas are much higher. Thanks for any help.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Generally people are concerned about reception not blockage. I have never had this issue come up before and would probably need to defer to your engineer. I believe a lot of it would have to do with the frequency which I am not familiar with.
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My home is located near cell-phone transmitting antennas (on the chimney of a nearby school). I am looking for ways to block the RF radiation from the antennas. While the RF levels at my house within the lax FCC limits, they are hundreds of times higher than permitted by regulations in other countries. I know that metal is a good blocker of RF radiation. However, the type of metal, thickness, etc., will all come into play. Can you provide any information on the ability of your roofing products to block RF radiation from cell antennas and towers? I believe this could be a strong selling point for your products if you worked with an engineer to work out the blocking effects of your different products when deployed on a roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry. I have no advice for you.
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