steven santiago
I've read some articles on this subject, but I'd like to pose the question here. Regarding Stone Coated steel roofs, is there a potential for problems with this product rusting when installed on homes near the ocean? I've seen plenty and I don't see a problem but I'd like to hear from you. Also, I've seen cases where there is a buildup of Algae on some roofs and no apparent problem on others. Can you address these questions for me?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The manufacturers of stone-coated steel take many steps along the way to make their products corrosion resistant. Don't hesitate to talk direct to any manufacturers you're considering -- get the inside story from them -- go see past jobs they have done in your area. Regarding "algae" buildup ... this is usually related to what trees may be in the area and what sort of debris they drop. Usually, roofs in clean areas will not develop this sort of thing.
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