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Hi, my name is Esther and i was currently assighned to perpare a business plan for my accounting class in school. I understand this may be a question you are hardly and perhaps never asked to answer but i no longer know where to turn. And as i came across your site i was filled with joy knowing i had a place to find a good portion of my answers to all my questions. Heres my problem, I was able to choose a business i would like to start and than had to plan out all the expence issues along with what i would need in order to star the business. My family is in the gutter business and my older brother is currently working for a seamless meatal roofing company. The only thing is i dont know where to start. I know i need to first find a location to plant my business and i would also need to buy all the material needed. Only i was wondeing if you could give me a hand in what areas you know i would need a hand in. Some tips that will be helpful in my business plan and some things you can point me in the direction of. I would truley appreciate any time you could give me! Thanks for yor time, Esther
Todd Miller
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Esther, You will need to do all of the normal things requisite to starting a business -- business license, insurances, etc. You need to define your company's Mission and Vision, as well as Values and Beliefs. You should align yourself with one or two suppliers -- product lines you will focus on. You need to define who you are targeting and how you will reach them -- types of advertising, etc. You need to define how you will do business -- who will sell for you? Who will install for you? What are your projections for sales, costs, etc?
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