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I need to put a new roof on my home in Western Maryland (in the mountains). My plan is to remove the old asphalt shingles down to the decking (which I believe are 1 x 6's), repair any damaged wood, put on a layer of 30# felt, followed by an aluminum reflective barrier. Next, I intend to nail 1 x 4's 16" OC and then install the metal roof on top of the 1 x 4's with a ridge vent on the peak of the roof. I thought that it might be a good idea to install a strip of insect screen under the 1x4's and wrap it around their lower edge and fasten on top to prevent insects and other critters from nesting in the spaces between the 1x4's. I figured this would give me excellent ventillation between the metal roof and the roof deck thereby eliminating heat gain in the summer. My home's construction does not allow for any soffit type ventilation. This has caused the asphalt roof to fail prematurely and causes the second floor to get unbearably hot in the summer. My questions are these: 1) Does this sound like a good way to install the roof? 2) Would I need to install cross members between the 1x4's to give the metal roof sufficient support so that it could be walked on , if necessary? 3) If so, could I install the cross members in a chevron design with a gap at the apex of the chevron to allow free air flow? 4) Finally, is this all overkill? Should I just install the metal roof directly on one of those slip layers over the felt as has been recommended in answers to several other questions?
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Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This sounds like a reasonably good plan. However, I am not sure if you're planning on the 1 x 4's going horizontal or vertical. The metal roof systems you're talking about really should be installed over horizontal battens. Batten spacing will be dictated by the manufacturer depending upon what product you choose. Therefore, for ventilation, I would install vertical battens first and then horizontal battens on top of that followed by the roofing. The radiant barrier will be helpful. Radiant barriers, as a reminder, are effective only when they face an airspace though. Good luck
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